Mauritius Board of Investment (BOI)

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According to the Investment Promotion Act, the objects and functions of the Board of Investment are as follows:

Objects of the Board of Investment

The objects of the Board of Investment shall be –

  • To stimulate the development, expansion and growth of the economy by promoting Mauritius as an international investment, business and service centre;
  • To promote and facilitate the development of all forms of investment and business activities;
  • To formulate investment promotion policies and plans and marketing strategies and undertake promotion to attract foreign and local investments; and
  • To advise Government on strategies for investment policies, national investment marketing and investment after care, economic and industrial planning and country image building.

Functions of the Board of Investment

The Board of Investment shall have such functions as, in its opinion, are necessary to further most effectively its objects, and in particular:

To improve investment and business environment and undertake such other activities as may be necessary to promote Mauritius as an attractive base for investments and as an international financial centre;

  • To prepare, fund, implement and monitor programmes relating to strategies for promoting investments in Mauritius;
  • To conduct research and studies in identifying investment opportunities;
  • To maximise opportunities and arrangements for the development of all forms of investments and business activities in Mauritius;
  • To act as a think tank in highlighting policy issues and making policy recommendations to Government to boost investment and attain Government economic objectives;
  • To co-ordinate multi-sectoral promotional activities and be the focal point for all investment-related promotional and marketing activities for Mauritius;
  • To consider and register investment proposals from investors and self-employed persons and provide necessary assistance for implementation of projects;
  • To provide support services to investors and self-employed persons, including assistance to procure authorizations and permits required for establishment and operating of enterprises and to lease or purchase real estate, for activities promoted by the Board of Investment;
  • To ensure co-ordination and cooperation between the public sector and the private sector on matters of investments and for policy decisions impacting on investment;
  • To act as the single interface with all investors and liaise with relevant authorities for the granting of occupation permits, residence permits and other relevant permits required by the investor to operate in Mauritius;
  • To provide all relevant information to potential investors on any matter relating to investments.

Source: Board of Investment, Mauritius

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