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The Capital City of the Republic of Malawi is Lilongwe. Major cities are: Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Zomba. The flag of Malawi has a horizontal tricolour of black, red and green with a red rising sun centred on the black stripe. Malawi is located in south eastern Africa. It is wholly within the tropics; from about 9°30S at its northernmost point to about 17°S at the southernmost tip. Malawi shares boarders with Zambia in the west and north-west, Mozambique in the southwest and south east, and Tanzania in the north. Malawi is naturally endowed with vast natural resources including arable land, water, hydropower, mineral deposits of uranium, limestone, coal, bauxite, gemstones, and niobium. Malawi's climate is generally tropical. 

Malawi’s economy revolves around agriculture, which supports well over 80% of the population. Maize is grown as the staple food for home consumption. However, tobacco, tea, cotton, coffee and sugar are important for trade. Agricultural produce brings in more than 80% of the country's export earnings. Manufacturing in the country is minimal. Most industry is based in or around the commercial city of Blantyre in the south.

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