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Eritrea is located in North East Africa and includes the Dahlak Archipelago and other islands along the Red Sea coast. It is bordered by Sudan to the north and west, Ethiopia to the south, Djibouti to the south-east and the Red Sea to the north and north-east.  The major rivers in Eritrea are the Anseba and Barka rivers flowing north, the Gash and Tekeze rivers on the border with Ethiopia flowing west into Sudan. The upper course of the Gash river is known as the Mereb river.

Eritrea strategic location along the Red Sea coast provides ideal exposure to one of the world’s busiest shipping lines and established linkages to other areas of the region and beyond. The port of Massawa is a transit point for goods to the Middle East, European and Asian markets. Eritrea’s natural mineral resources include gold, copper, potash, zinc, oil, natural gas, cement, gypsum, marble, ceramics, limestone and iron ore.

Source: The State of Eritrea Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden

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