DR Congo Investment Promotion Agency (ANAPI)

I. Status
The National Agency for Investment Promotion (ANAPI) is a public technical institution endowed with a legal personality and management autonomy. It is placed under the supervision of the Planning Minister.
In accordance with the laws n° 004/2002 of 21 February 2002 governing it, relating to the Investment Code and the Prime Minister’s Decree n° 09/33 of 08 August, 2009 on the statutes, organization and functioning of ANAPI, here are its specific missions:

II. Key missions
  • Mission of promoting the positive image of the Democratic Republic of Congo;
  • Mission of promoting the specific investment opportunities;
  • Advocacy mission to improve the business climate in the country (after-care);
  • Mission of administrative support to investors who decide to establish or expand their economic activities in the country.

Services provided
As part of the facilitation, ANAPI provides various services to investors before, during and after their establishment.

Services offered prior to installation of the investor
Accompaniment in Kinshasa and provinces in prospecting mission.

Services offered during installation
  • Facilitations to investors seeking land (premises) and connection to water and electricity network
  • Assistance in obtaining settlement visas
  • Support to obtain special licenses (Mines, Banks, Telecommunications, air transport, etc.)
  • Support for the setting up of companies
  • Granting of customs, fiscal and para-fiscal benefits

Customs, fiscal and para-fiscal benefits
  1. Types of benefits
  • Exemption from income tax
  • Exemption from property tax
  • Exemption from import duties on equipment and materials
  • Exemption from export duties of finished products

  1. Duration of benefits
  • Economic Region A (Kinshasa) : 3 years from operating period
  • Economic Region B (Bas-Congo, Lubumbashi, Likasi and Kolwezi) : 4 years
  • Economic Region C (the rest of Provinces and Cities of the Country) : 5 years

Services offered after establishment
  • Advocacy with State departments 
  • Information on tenders issued by the Government
  • Intervention in case of difficulties with the Congolese authorities

Source:  DR Congo Investment Promotion Agency 

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