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Eswatini has positioned itself as an export oriented economy, a position which is enhanced by strategic market access agreements that the country has entered into, covering more than 450 million people in Africa alone. Market access from Eswatini is guaranteed as the country is signatory to a number of agreements that ensure duty free access to regional markets and international markets such as the EU, SACU Mercosur. The country is positioned to act as a global exporter in an increasingly competitive market, where access to raw materials and time to market is crucial in maintaining a global supply chain

Eswatini is Africa’s New Promise, a title that sits well with a country that boasts one of the most developed infrastructures in Africa. To date the country has played host to a number of multinational corporations such as the Coca Cola Concentrate factory, YKK Southern Africa, Mondelez International, Illovo, and Rhodes Food Group amongst others. The Kingdom boasts of a well-developed and sound financial system closely integrated to that of the neighbouring South Africa.

Eswatini’s economy is fairly diversified, with Agriculture, Manufacturing and Services contributing to the country’s GDP accounting for about 7.8% and 45%, and 47.2% respectively. The country has surpassed most of its counterparts in terms of manufacturing contribution to GDP thus increasingly presenting itself as Southern Africa’s “hotbed” for manufacturing. To leverage this position, the Kingdom launched a multi-million science and technology park with special incentive package to attract business in the biotechnology manufacturing as well as research and development industries.

Government’s drive to creating an enabling investment environment through the ambitious Investor Road Map (IRM) targets continue to yield positive results ever since the launch of the Investor Road Map by His Majesty the King in 2012. Resultantly, the country has progressively improved from a global rank of 124 to 105 consistently against 183 economies in the past three years in the World Banks’s Global Doing Business Index. Eswatini has remained number one in Africa in terms of trading across borders and 30 in the world making it easy for export oriented companies operating in the country.

Source: Eswatini Investment Promotion Authority (SIPA)

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