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Being home to a vast potential of natural resources and mineral wealth', the DR Congo is attempting an economic revival through adapting its legal framework to modern day investments. The democratic transition process (2001-2006) has known a happy outcome with the free, democratic and transparent elections allowing democratically elected leaders to run the country. Therefore, after the 2006 elections the international community was facing a freshly installed government led by H. E.  Joseph Kabila promising to uphold the principles of democracy and promoting foreign investment. As a result of the ensuing political stability, political risks, economic and social risks are considerably reduced. Furthermore, during the 2006 legislative period some prosperous initiatives were undertaken. The new constitution said to be of the third Republic was promulgated by the Head of State on February 18th, 2006 along with several investment related Codes. 

Thanks to these provisions, the new constitution restates the commitment of the Congolese State to achieve its development. The right of individual or collective ownership and that of private enterprise for the national as well as foreigners is secured. The settler sets up an economic and social council whose task is to provide consultative opinion to the President of the Republic, the Parliament and the Government, given the complexity of issues relating to social and economic development the country is facing.

Since then, the country reached a political stability never achieved before. Stability and good governing are therefrom visible in the country and improvement of the business environment becomes therefore the main focus.

The DR Congo has managed to provide itself with laws and regulations intended to improve the scope of operations in all sectors so as to attract more private investments. Efforts made to improve the business environment have been successful at this level since funds are really coming. This is a very significant advance.

Source: National Agency For Investment Promotion (ANAPI)

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