Cow Farm & Milk Collection Centre

Project Description
  • Establishment of three cow farms in each of the three islands of Comoros Union, each farm will concentrate its activities on collecting milk, cooling and hygienically storing before to diary plants or wholesalers
  • Investment cost amounts to USD 1.9 million for the three farms, with a payback period of 3 years and 9 months
  • Required financing : USD 1.9 million
Value Proposition
  • The main revenues drivers are milk production and livestock slaughter
  • The discounted cash flow analysis was used, which provided an unleveraged IRR of 34% (100% equity financing) and a leveraged IRR of 46% (50% equity financing and 50% debt financing)
  • The local milk production remains insufficient and doesn’t meet the demand
  • The country imports milk in powdered form as well as concentrate
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