Mauritius and the Czech Republic Sign an Air Transport Agreement

Mauritius has signed this morning an Air Transport Agreement with the Czech Republic at the Treasury Building in Port Louis. The signatories were Ambassador Blanca Fajkusova from the Czech side and Mr Sateeaved Seebaluck, Secretary to Cabinet and Head of Civil Service, from the Mauritian side.

In his speech, Ambassador Fajkusova pointed out that the Agreement will help Air Mauritius to develop its services in Europe and the tourist industry to expand in the Czech Republic. She also highlighted that this Agreement will help to further strengthen ties between the two countries while adding that the bilateral relations between Mauritius and the Czech Republic are based on friendship, shared interests and values such as democracy, common vision and mutual interest.

Mr S. Seeballuck, Secretary to Cabinet and Head of Civil Service, expressed confidence that the Agreement will not only give a new momentum in the existing relations between the two countries but will also lead to an increase of the tourist and business flows between Mauritius and the Czech Republic.

The Agreement, he said, is a follow-up of a Memorandum of Understanding and an Air Transport Agreement initialed in November 2014 in the margins of the International Conference on Air navigation in Bali.

He also announced that the Mauritian authorities are proposing to hold negotiations for the signature of a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement between Mauritius and the Czech Republic in the near future.

The Agreement

The signature of the Air transport Agreement between Mauritius and the Czech Republic creates the necessary framework to promote the development of air links and exchanges between the two countries. The Agreement provides the designated airlines of each country the opportunity to:

- Operate air services according to an open route schedule which provides access to any point(s) in the territory of the other party as well as routing flexibilities via intermediate points and any beyond points

- Operate up to seven weekly passenger services between Mauritius and the Czech Republic

- Operate all cargo services with no frequency and capacity restrictions and with full third, fourth and fifth freedom rights

- Enter into cooperation arrangements with airlines of either countries as well as those of third countries.

Currently, passengers to/from the Czech Republic travel to Mauritius via Dubai and Paris. The conclusion of this Agreement will enable Air Mauritius to expand its visibility in the Czech market through the possibility to carry its code on flights operated by its partner airlines to points in the Czech Republic.

Over the past five years from 2009 to 2014, tourist arrivals from the Czech Republic have nearly doubled, from 3,489 in 2009 to 6,852 in 2014. This represents an average growth rate of 14,5% per year.