Zambia Development Agency

The ZDA was established in 2006 as a one-stop agency by merging five organisations; Zambia Privatisation Agency (ZPA), Zambia Investment Centre (ZIC), Export Board of Zambia (EBZ), Zambia Export Processing Zones Authority (ZEPZA) and Small Enterprises Development Board (SEDB). It is responsible for fostering economic growth and development in Zambia through promoting trade and investment and has the challenge to develop an internationally competitive Zambian economy through innovations that promotes high skills, productive investment, and increased trade. ZDA provides investment facilitation, market development, business development and support services for micro small and medium enterprises.

  • Vision statement : “To become a world class Agency for the promotion and facilitation of economic development.”
  • Mission Statement : To promote and facilitate investment, trade, competitiveness and the development of MSMEs by providing comprehensive services in a transparent, innovative and efficient manner.
  • Goal Statements : The Agency plans to fulfill its mission by achieving the following strategic goals:
    • To promote and facilitate business enterprise development
    • To consolidate the ZDA as a one stop facility for business development
    • To create investor confidence in Government support for private sector led economic  development through provision of services in an efficient, effective and transparent manner.
  • The strategic objectives or perspectives are derived from the Agency’s mandate drawn from the Zambia Development Agency Act. In order to fulfil its mandate the Zambia Development Agency has the following objectives to guide its programmes:

    • To ensure that the ZDA Act is fully updated and consistent with both local and international law
    • To facilitate and promote development and operations of Multi-Facility Economic Zones and Industrial Parks
    • To Implement the Privatization Programme as part of Government’s economic reform programme in order to promote private sector development and to undertake post privatization monitoring.
    • To create effective and efficient channels of communication with all key stakeholder
    • To create a new and unique image of ZDA.
    • To provide and facilitate support to the micro and small business enterprises.
    • To increase the geographical representation of ZDA
    • To attract and facilitate foreign and domestic investment
    • To continuously improve service delivery and performance levels of ZDA
    • To improve investor confidence in the country so as to make Zambia an ultimate investment destination in the region.
    • To promote export trade in order to help foster economic development and enhance the capacity of local exporters to produce products that meet international standards
    • To conduct research on a continuous basis on issues relevant to commerce, trade and industry, Government, and ZDA
    • To implement the organizational structure and evaluate its effectiveness and efficiency in the implementation of the Agency’s mandate and strategy.
    • To attract, retain and develop a highly motivated, disciplined, effective, efficient and healthy Human Resource.

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