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The project involves the construction of a dam and a hydro power plant on the Zambezi River. The potential capacity of the site is 1 600 MW to be shared equally between Zambia and Zimbabwe


54 km downstream of the Victoria Falls (Northern Zimbabwe)

Project objective

To increase generation capacity and reduce reliance on electricity imports. Once completed the Batoka Hydro scheme will leave Zimbabwe a net exporter of power in the region. The project will also improve the generation mix which is currently skewed in favour of fossil fired plants.

Economic and social benefits

Execution of the project will significantly increase base load. Power exports to the region will boost inflows of the much needed foreign currency. The project will also stimulate other downstream economic activities.

Type of funding

·      Credit loan

·      Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT)

·      Private Public Partnerships (PPPs)

Implementation period

7 to 8 years from financial closure

Project cost

The estimated project costs as at 2009 is US$2.8 billion.

Project status

The project is available for investment and has no takers at the moment. The detailed feasibility studies, which were completed in 1993, indicated that it is economically and technically feasible to construct 4 x 200 MW units on the Zimbabwe side. However, the feasibility studies will need reviewing.

Zimbabwe Investment Authority

Tel : (+263) 475 7931 

Fax : (+263) 477 3843 

Website :www.zia.co.zw 

Email : info@zia.co.zw