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Foreign Minister, UN Official Discuss Sexual Abuse

15 Mar 2011 | DR Congo | Source : AllAfrica News: DR Congo

15 March 2011

Luanda — The special representative of UN secretary general for sexual violence matters, Margot Walltrom, Monday in Luanda, discussed with Angolan foreign minister, Georges Chikoti, issues concerning allegations of sexual abuse at the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Margot Walltrom was speaking to the press at the end of the audience granted to her by minister Chicoti.

The UN official on the occasion thanked the Angolan authorities for the invitation and assistance extended for her to travel to northern Lunda Norte province to investigate into the Congolese allegations.

She said it was an interesting visit and enabled to understand the Angolan Government's challenges and responses.

The official said the Government and the UN have common interests and any sexual violation against women or children is unacceptable.

According to Margot Walltrom, she has had the opportunity to discuss with the Congolese authorities and with health services personnel who said there are several cases.

However, the UN official said what she learned from his short visit she is not in a position to say there have been systematic violations.

She assured that the UN, together with Angolan authorities, will do their best to prevent sexual violations.

Margot Walltrom said the parties had a constructive talk, having agreed there will be no tolerance to those who commit sexual abuse.

On the other hand, the official encouraged the Congolese Government to produce proofs of sexual abuses and said Angolan Government has pledged to notify the UN about massive repatriation operations.

In his turn, the Angolan Foreign minister, Georges Chikoti, expressed satisfaction with the visit of Margot Walltrom, saying it has led to a methodology to deal with these matters with the involvement of the United Nations.

He said Angola has nothing to conceal as it is conscious there has been no systematic violations as alleged, adding the Congolese authorities failed by speaking of matters they can not prove.

On the other hand, he reiterated that Angola will not cease expelling illegal immigrants, pledging to share existing appropriate mechanisms and invite UN involvement.

He explained that illegal immigration has a damaging impact on the country's socio-economic and environmental structures, warning that there might be women prostitution and trafficking networks involved.

"There are matters the Governments must investigate. But I think that this visit has been very fruitful and will enable us to work better. There is no crisis and we are here to work better with the UN and other partners. Angola has no fault, as we are a responsible government," said the minister.