National Investment Authority

Mission and objectives

The Ministry of Investment solidify the state’s concern for investment, the investment authority has been promoted to become a ministry by means of the Presidential Decision No. 32 for 2015. The Ministry of Investment is accountable for formulating strategies, policies, goals and programs aimed at developing local and foreign investments in Sudan. The specialization areas of the Ministry of Investment as determined by the Presidential Decision No. 32 are summarized in the following:
  • Executing strategies, policies and priorities of investment
  • Execution of the investment encouragement act
  • Preparation of federal and state investment maps
  • Improving the investment climate and facilitating procedures
  • Develop investment promotion systems
  • Monitor and evaluate the execution of investment policies
  • Work to attract national and foreign investments
  • Provide investment lenience and incentives according to the investment low

Source: Sudan Ministry of Investment (IPA)

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