Djibouti National Investment Promotion Agency (NIPA)

The National Investment Promotion Agency is in the heart of social and economic system of the country since its establishment in 2001. It encourages the promotion of investment in Djibouti through a policy of flexibility in investment operations, a modern regulatory framework and procedures. As part of the investment promotion and development of knowledge of the Djiboutian territory, NIPA is responsible for putting forward the incentive environment of the Republic of Djibouti and investment opportunities.

NIPA mission is to provide a full advice and support for new or existing local and foreign promoters. The National Investment Promotion Agency is a strong partner and representative of the private sector at governmental level.

In its duties the National Investment Promotion Agency :
  • Welcomes, informs, advises and assists promoters.
  • Offers the incentives and benefits provided by the Investment Code
  • Gives the appropriate information on business environment, regulations and laws
  • Implements the government policy in the field of economic and social development.
  • Contributes to the training of promoters through seminars and training session
  • Identifies investment projects in the framework of the privatization strategy
  • Publicizes investment opportunities of the country through information and dissemination at the local, regional and international level
  • Assists local and foreign promoters in their business start up matters through the one stop Shop
  • Ensures the establishment of a database of Djiboutian companies and create a unit of commercial and Industrial Information.
  • Fosters Public-Private Partnership and partnership between local and international companies
  • Assists investors in the process of land acquisition
  • Offers aftercare assistance to local and foreign investors
  • Advocates on behalf of investor the improvement and facilitation of investment procedures

Source: Djibouti National Investment Promotion Agency (NIPA)

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