Investment opportunities

Swaziland Meat Industries

Project Description Swaziland has an EU approved beef abattoir and cutting plant (approval no. SG1, operated by Swaziland Meat Industries Limited, SMI – a public company registered in Swaziland).
It operates to a Halaal standard and is certified by the South Africa National Halaal Authority.
Value Proposition
  • This plant exports about 1300 metric ton of beef to Mozambique, England, Norway, Switzerland and the French Indian Ocean islands of Mayotte and Reunion. Further to this another 7000 metric ton of beef and other meat products are supplied by SMI into the Swazi marketplace
  • SMI’s European sales are limited solely by the supply of Swazi origin cattle and the plant could handle a twofold increase in export volumes without significant investment being required
  • In an International context Swaziland is not a low cost producer of beef thus it bases its success on adding value by supplying high quality products packed specifically to each customer’s requirements
  • The chance to export beef to a completely new market is very welcome and gives Swaziland the opportunity to grow and develop its beef and cattle industries further
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