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Stars Hotel, Grande Comore

Project Description
  • 4 Stars luxury hotel located in Male, with a total of 50 rooms and offering full leisure and business services
  • Total Investment Cost is USD 10.25 million, with a payback period of 5.8 years
  • The selected site enjoys a private sand beach
  • A unique eco-tourism potential for hiking, scuba diving and cultural attractions
  • Attractive conditions and granted lease, taxation, facilitation and personal incentives
Value Proposition
  • There has been a significant growth averaging 2.1% per annum since 2002
  • There has been an increase in GDP averaging 2.9% per annum since 2002; The annual increase of tourist arrivals due to on-going improvement of country‚Äôs infrastructure and establishment of Comoros Airlines and Etihad Airways new flights between UAE and Moroni;
  • Strong Government support and engagement in a set of initiatives aiming at strengthening the hospitality industry
  • Very limited competition as only 6 hotels, mostly 1 star to lower 2 stars wit quasi-inexistent leisure offering
  • Remarkable touristic potential stemming for the islands luxurious nature and magnificent landscapes, unique beaches as well as cultural attractions
  • A discounted cash flow analysis was used over a period of 20 years, assuming no terminal value. Using this conservative approach we obtained an unleveraged IRR of 24.3% (100% equity financing) and leveraged IRR of 34.8% (50% equity financing and 50% debt financing).
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