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Stalled LBDA Headquarters

Sub-Sector Building and Construction
Project Description The LBDA Headquarters Complex was conceived in 1982. Initially, the project was to be constructed at Kochiel Hill in West Kanyawegi, Kisumu. However, early in 1985, the site was changed to Kanyakwar, Kisumu along Kisumu/ Kakamega Road. This is within Kisumu Municipality in the Kisumu West Constituency
The designs for the Kochiel Hill site were done up to scheme design level i.e. sketch designs. The change to the Kanyakwar site, resulted in changes in the scope of design requirements, as there was more land available for the development of the head quarter on a 9.3 Hectare plot and the housing unit on a 7.77 ha plot
LBDA stalled HQs is a prime area for collaboration and partneship. The stalled buildings was designed to be an ultramodern complex of the time, complete with an Office Tower Block (12,890 m2), Conference centre (1,200 m2), 3. Laboratories (722 m2), Vehicle Maintenance Unit (339 m2), Guest House (401 m2) a Staff Clinic (262 m2) and a Warehouse
The commencement date was 1st November 1990. However the works stalled in 1992 due to delay in payments of various certificates
Expected Results
  • Accommodate the LBDA Staff in one building as opposed to renting office space in several commercial buildings in Kisumu
  • Make savings on the recurrent office rental expenditure
  • Generate, through rent, the much needed revenue able to sustain some of the LBDA’s operations
  • Be a regional conference centre, Kisumu being strategic in the region and the East African countries integration into an economic block
Expected Cost Kshs 10,000,000
Actions Required or Implementation Arrangements
  • Acquisition of land title deed
  • Payment of accumulated land rent, rates and interest
Period of Implementation 24 months
Status Ongoing : Feasibility study in progress
Contact Ministry of regional Development Authorities/LBDA
PO Box 1516, Kisumu
Email :
Tel:+257 57 2027227