Investment opportunities

Shendi Tourist Village Project

Project Description
  • Building of a tourist village in Shendi which has accommodation of 150 beds
  • The village provides integrated tourist services
Site It is in the River Nile State which is home to several tourist areas like archaeological areas of Alnagaa and Almusawarat Alsafra
  • To attract tourists and promote cultural tourism and boat riding tourism in the River Nile
  • To attract tourists coming from Egypt to visit Nubian areas
  • To promote internal tourism to archaeological areas
  • To realize economic development in the area
  • To create jobs and reduce unemployment
Projected Cost € 1.4 million
Contact Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife – Projects’ Department
Tel :+249 83471417
Fax :+249 83472854
Remarks The country with its vast natural resources, reasonable infrastructure and marked political stability has promulgated an investment legislation that offers a number of privileges and incentives.
The business profit tax was reduced from 35% to 15% on the services sector, 10% on the industrial sector and 0% on the agricultural sector. In addition, these rather low rates are applied after one-year of the inception of the project.
By allowing investors to freely repatriate their profits and import of capital goods free of custom duties, Sudan stands as an investment haven.