Investment opportunities

Semi-industrial production of essential oils-based cosmetic products

Company’s Nature of Business Essential oils and cosmetics production

The project owner is a pharmacist with 7 years of experience.
He owns 7 ha of land for aromatics plants.
Project rationale:

  • Extension of production unit
  • Increase of 15 times the current production (50 000
    boxes to 250 000 boxes per year)
  • Increase sales by extension of distribution channel
  • Creation of new jobs
  • Expected cumulated margin over 3 years: USD 72,28

Project Number MGA-092
Project Intention Modernization/Diversification/Expansion
Company’s Input
  • USD 10,064
  • Financial resources, access to raw materials, management
    expertise, land, trademark right.
Type of Cooperation Sought Commercial, technical, financial
Anticipated Partners’ Input
    Commercial Partner: distribution (buyer)/ equipment (seller),
    technical expertise, management expertise
Contact Economic Development Board of Madagascar