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Salt Production Facility

Project Description
  • Salt factory for extracting raw salt from brine and a processing and packaging unit that can produce washed iodized and bagged salt as well as refined salt
  • The Comorian government is providing long term lease of land at a low cost with attractive terms and conditions
Value Proposition
  • Salt has a very high purity of 99.3% in chloride of sodium
  • With a population of 650 thousand, the total addressable market is equal to 5200 tones, the assumption is that the markets share in year one is 25% growing to 50% in the third year, and reaching 80% by the sixth year
  • Growing regional market with insufficient local supply compared to demand levels, and regional need for high quality salt with purity over 99.3%
  • No local competition, all salt products are imported from India and Madagascar
  • Significant infrastructure improvements and sustained political stability
  • For the export market, an assessment of the salt market in East Africa shows that the potential countries for Comorian salt exports are: Seychelles, Mauritius, Mayotte and Tanzania

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