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Rwanda Development Board (RDB)
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Rwanda Energy Company

Project Description
  • Extraction of methane gas from Lake Kivu and generating electricity and by products
  • Project Size
  • Phase I: Pilot project of 3.6 MW
  • Phase II: Industrial phase with an electricity production of 50 MW
  • Phase III: Extending the electricity production to 100 MW
  • Other: By-products (gas to liquid fuels, fertilizers, canned gas and pipelines)
  • Current Status: Ongoing extraction and power plant tests of the pilot phase
Expected Results
  • Completing phase II – developing an industrial plant with an output of 50 MW
  • The project will improve the country’s energy output and energy balance
  • The project should generate employment and help meet the growing energy demand for business and households
Expected Cost USD 134 million
  • USD 3.7 B for the new lines
  • USD 1.0 B for the rehabilitation of the Dar-Es Salaam – Isaka line
Actions Required or Implementation Arrangements Equity
Proposed Structure :
  • Equity: 30%
    • RIG SA: 60%
    • Strategic Partner: 40%
  • Debt: 70%
  • Phase one completely financed by RIG SA, a local investment group. Phase I involved generating 3.6 MW and has a gas concession agreement to generate 50 MW of electricity in phase II with an increase to 100 MW in phase III, after the success of the phase I
  • Phase II - RIG SA is looking for a strategic investor to raise US$ 134 million by bringing in equity of USD 40 million and assisting in mobilizing debt
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