The Republic of Sudan

Ministry of Investment 
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Rehabilitation of Vegetables and Fruits Canning Project

Site Meroe
  • Promotion of rural development
  • Improvement and promotion of raw materials production
  • Creation of employment opportunities hence, controlling emigration
  • Contribution to realization of food security
  • Contribution to national and state revenues
Capital SDG 2,141,402
Annual Revenue SDG 10,674,013
Annual Net Returns SDG 2,291,290.00
Rate of Return 66%
Recovery Period 1-8 years
Type of Required Finance Local or partnership
Labour size 58 workers and needs qualified technical staff
Contact Investment Department
Northern State
Telefax: +249 0241823994
Remarks The country with its vast natural resources, reasonable infrastructure and marked political stability has promulgated an investment legislation that offers a number of privileges and incentives. The business profit tax was reduced from 35% to 15% on the services sector, 10% on the industrial sector and 0% on the agricultural sector.
In addition, these rather low rates are applied after oneyear of the inception of the project.
By allowing investors to freely repatriate their profits and import of capital goods free of custom duties, Sudan stands as an investment haven.

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