Investment opportunities

Purification of the crude extract of artemisia into artemisinin

Company’s Nature of Business Extraction and purification of aromatic and medical plants

The promoter is an investor and an active actor in the
artemisinin field. He is the only investor in the domain in
The project aim is :

  • To extract active principles from medicinal plants and
    offer them to national and international customers such
    as Chem-ist’s or Health food or cosmetic Industry.
    Artemesinin efficiency to fight against paludism is
    already proved
  • to implement the purification tool on the crude extract of
  • To set up a chromatography column-based purification
  • To purify and to finish the crude artemisinin. To meet
    the cus-tomers needs and specifications, the rate of the
    artemesinin concentration required is 90%;
  • To rise in the yield of medicinal 27plants material to
    reach the critical output of 2,000 T;
  • To generate an income net value of USD 15,576,000
    from 2011 over 03 years.

Project Number MGA-045
Project Intention Expansion
Company’s Input
  • USD 141,000
  • Financial resources, Access to natural resources, and
    techno-logies, Equipment in very good condition, Quality
    control laboratory, Farming license, Technical and
    management expertise, R&D.
Type of Cooperation Sought Financial, commercial
Anticipated Partners’ Input
  • Financial Partner : Joint venture or USD 6,000,000 (Loan
    at in-terest rate of 6.5% over 09 years).
  • Technical Partner : technical expertise, sub-contracting
    of purifi-cation of artemesinin.
  • Technology transfer : extraction and purifica-tion technology
  • Purchase of equipment : provide equipment for an industrial purification
  • Research & Development.
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