Investment opportunities

Project for setting up an essential oils’ extrac-tion unit for aromatic and medicinal plants

Company’s Nature of Business Essential oils production

The company started with geranium cultivation in 2006.
After get-ting good results, investments have been done in
distillation unit including an 3000 liters alembic and a 50 m2
wharehouse, with a capacity of 650kg of essential oils per
year (Géranium, Helychrise, Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus
, ravintsara, etc.).

    The project:Essential oil unit from aromatic and medicinal plants
    The target customers are mainly pharmacy and fragrances

    The project investments are mainly:

    • New alembic
    • Transportation vehicle
    • Expansion of cultivation

    The project will focus on exportation of essential oils, with a
    fore-casted production of 2000 Kgs of oil in 2010 (creating
    150 000 turnover) and 4000 Kgs of oil in 2011 (creating USD
    300 000 turnover).
    Total investment: USD 152,800t

Project Number MGA-010
Project Intention Expansion
Company’s Input
  • USD 91,200
  • Financial resources, Access to raw materials, Intellectual
    prop-erty rights and licenses, Quality control, Technical
    and management expertise, Marketing.
Type of Cooperation Sought Financial, technical, and commercial
Anticipated Partners’ Input
  • USD 61,600 (equity or loan)
  • Purchase of equipment.
Contact Economic Development Board of Madagascar