Investment opportunities

Project for setting- up a production unit for provender/ animal fodder

Company’s Nature of Business
  • Growing of maize and manioc
  • Technical support of investment in Jatropha and biofuels
Market National
The project consists in setting up a production unit of feed with a capacity of 1 ton per hour and will eventually produce 6 000 tons of feed annually. The investment will include 300m2 warehouse divided in three parts: raw materials warehouse, feed unit, final product warehouse, land and offices.
The unit capacity will be 1 ton/hour, means 6000 tons per year, which represents 14% of the market in the Analamanga region. The unit will produce various types of feed in Madagascar, for cattle, pigs and chicks.
The market is wide open (less than 50% of the need is covered with a gap of 43 000 t).
The project will employ 30 people permanently at the factory and over 50 persons temporarily along the operation chain: cultvation, transportation, and handling.
Cumulated expected margin in 5 years : USD 2, 467,547
Project Number MGA-025
Project Intention Diversification
Company’s Input
  • USD 55,000
  • Financial resources, access to natural resources, intellectual property rights and licenses, quality control, technical and management expertise, and marketing
Type of Cooperation Sought Financial
Anticipated Partners’ Input USD 170,000 (equity or loan)
Contact Economic Development Board of Madagascar