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Multi-Polar Cotton Cluster

Project Description The Cotton Cluster in Zambia will be for independent companies investing in the growing of cotton, ginning, and processing of seed cotton, spinning, weaving, dying, textiles, fabric and garment manufacturing and all other cotton related businesses and thus creating synergies.
It will be initiated by a 120,000 hectares farming block, with a core venture of 10,000 hectares.
  • Benefit from the current potential market in cotton production and finished cotton products on the global Market
  • To add value to raw cotton by processing it into yarn, fabrics and garments
  • Promote local consumption of lint by the domestic market
Geographical Location Chipata, Lundazi, Mumbwa and Lusaka
Project Size 120,000 Hectares (Chipata)
Proposed Procurement Process Expression of interest by supplying a project proposal to the Zambia Development Agency
Project Documentation Status Complete Physical Environment and Natural Resource Evaluation including Soil characterization
Proposed Financing Structure Public Private Partnerships
  • Zambia Development Agency
  • The Director General

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