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Magwagwa Multipurpose Dam Development Project

Sub-Sector Hydro-Electric Power
Project Description The Magwagwa multipurpose dam if fully developed will regulate river flows of the Sondu river system, under the project, a 103 m high Dam with live storage capacity of 645 million m3 will be constructed. The Dam will be designed for a life span of approximately 50 years and will provide a reliable source of water for generating some 120 Mw of Hydropower. It will also stabilize the flow of water downstream for the existing Sondu Miriu and Sang’oro hydropower projects.
Infrastructure for irrigation development of 15,000 ha and water supply in the project area will be developed to enhance food security and water supply. Works on the irrigation components will consist of the construction of a regulating pond (634,000 m³), Nyakach-Kano Main canal (46 Km), South Nyanza main canal (6 Km), Secondary canals (213 Km), main and secondary drains (266 Km), tertiary canal (414 Km), tertiary drains (415 Km), on-farm works (paddy field) (4,430 Ha) and (Upland) (10,500 Ha). A component is also envisaged to promote and enhance catchment conservation along the river’s profile and in the upper reaches. The hydropower project is located in the Sondu River basin while the irrigation project is located in the Kano Plains
Expected Results
  • Increasing the supply of energy in the region
  • Creating employment opportunities in the rural areas
  • Stimulating industrial development in the region
  • Providing adequate and reliable water for domestic, agricultural and industrial use
  • Encouraging the development of small enterprises and agricultural processing plants
Total Amount of Project Feasibility study – Kshs 800 million
Implementation – Kshs 67 billion
Expected Cost Kshs 67.8 billion
Actions Required or Implementation Arrangements
  • Feasibility study – 2 years
  • Implementation phase – 5 years
Period of Implementation 7 years
Status Ongoing : Feasibility study in progress
Contact Ministry of regional Development Authorities/LBDA
PO Box 1516, Kisumu
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