Investment opportunities

Local Production of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Equipments

Company’s Nature of Business Manufacturing Sanitation products

Whereas Madagascar itself is rich in raw materials required
for producing sanitation products, the country is only importing
them from other counties.

The imported products are very costly and beyond the purchasing
capacity of almost 95% of the population. SANITEC,
as a social enterprise and as well as a pioneer in water and
sanitation intends to produce them locally and exclusively
with local resources and make these basic need products
affordable not only to the poor of Madagascar but also to
those of the other African countries.

  • We are selected finalists of World Bank’s Market Place
  • We are ‘Energy Globe’ award winners for the year 2007
  • twice for the years 2007 and 2008
  • Some of our innovative products are first time in the world
  • We shall be able to sell our superior quality products
  • cheaper at one third of the cost of the imported products
    due to our in-novative production technologies.
Project Number MGA-117
Project Intention Expansion
Company’s Input
  • USD 105,000
  • Expertise in the use of local raw materials (access to
Type of Cooperation Sought Financial
Anticipated Partners’ Input Financial input: 300,000 USD (Loan)
Contact Economic Development Board of Madagascar