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Land Husbandry Water Harvesting Hillsides Irrigation (LWH)

Project Description
  • More than 68% of Rwanda is in hillsides with a slope >16%
  • Mission is to support model land-husbandry, innovative water-harvesting in valley dams and gravity irrigation in hillsides
  • This project will demonstrate improved land-husbandry and productivity on 35,800 ha lands in 34 pilot watersheds and irrigated agriculture on 12,000 ha distributed in 34 locations
  • The hillside-irrigation program is focused on highly economical horticultural crops such as mangoes, avocado, cooking banana, plum, peaches and pineapple but also on coffee and tea
  • Detailed survey and design works are completed for 8 of the project sites and 16 more are under detailed design
Expected Results
  • Develop a park to support model land-husbandry, innovative waterharvesting and hillside irrigation
  • Currently there is very limited irrigation - only on 0.6% of croplands which means the majority of smallholder producers continue to rely on rain-fed agriculture
  • Irrigation is critical to reducing agriculture‚Äôs vulnerability to climatic variation, thereby reducing production volatility, and to aligning the sector to the national crop intensification program
  • Irrigation systems can reduce the amount of soil erosion caused by rainwater, thus conserving the soil nutrients, which will help improving productivity
  • Irrigation will increase the productivity of hillside agriculture in Rwanda but more importantly to engage in commercial agriculture so as to diversify revenue sources
Expected Cost USD 200 million
Actions Required or Implementation Arrangements Public Private Partnership
Status Some development partners have already provided grants for the project but a significant gap of CAD 120 million still exists
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Chief Operations Officer
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