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Isaka Railway

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Project Description
  • The Isaka-Kigali Railway is one part of a wider project which will link Isaka (Tanzania) to Kigali (Rwanda) and Keza (Tanzania) to Gitega and Musongati(Burundi)
  • The project entails
  • The construction of two new lines (Kigali to Isaka and Gitega and Musongati to Isaka)
  • The rehabilitation of the existing Isaka to Dar Es Salaam line
  • Acquisition of rolling stock to carry passengers, cargo and ore traffic
  • The aim is to develop a regional railway system which further integrates the three countries and connects agriculture, mining, industrial and commercial hubs to the maritime port of Dar-Es Salaam (Tanzania) through the existing Isaka-Dar-Es Salaam railway
  • Feasibility studies have been completed in June 2009 by the German rail company Deutsche Bahn with AFdB funding and validated by the Tanzanian, Rwandan and Burundian governments. Subsequently, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) conducted a separate feasibility study in 2009 suggesting alternative (AREMA) standards which are estimated to reduce costs by 25%
  • Design engineering studies, developing of the financing structure and legal, institutional and regulatory framework are expected to be completed in 2011. Construction is then expected to take 5 years
Expected Results
  • Financing feasibility studies and engineering designs
  • Construction of the railway
  • Facilitating economic integration in the region, developing agriculture, mining and industrial areas with lower freight costs: Rail costs are up to 50% lower than those for roads
  • Estimated to result in1% rise in GDP
  • Expected creation of 1,600 jobs
Expected Cost USD 4.7 B in total :
  • USD 3.7 B for the new lines
  • USD 1.0 B for the rehabilitation of the Dar-Es Salaam – Isaka line
Actions Required or Implementation Arrangements Public Private Partnership
Actions Required or Implementation Arrangements Public Private Partnership
  • Estimated ERR of 29% on the overall project and 23% on the Rwanda’s section according to base case scenario, 5 year construction and 30 years operating period
  • Room for further improvement by reducing capex through implementation of AREMA standards
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