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Inter-Islands Passengers’ Transportation

Project Description
  • Call centre facility offering Inbound and Outbound call services as well as marketing services
  • The total Investment cost is USD 850,000 with a payback period of 5.3 years
Value Proposition
  • Revenues can be generated from ticketing and lounge/bar services
  • Strong government support to enhance tourism sector
  • A discounted cash flow analysis was used over a period of 20 years, assuming no terminal value. Using this conservative approach, it was obtained an unlevered IRR of 71.5% (100% equity financing) and a levered IRR of 139% (50% equity financing and 50% debt financing)
  • Growing demand for quality inter-islands transportation with government plans to open the country and fortify inter-islands connections
  • A strong need for quality transportation exists given the current poor transportation conditions which forces the citizens to use air transport for inter-islands trips
  • Development of the tourism sector would require safe interislands maritime transportation for cruise circular trips
  • Total CAPEX is USD 490,543 with a payback period of 1.7 years
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