Investment opportunities

Industrial plantation of Jatropha

Company’s Nature of Business Multi food production

One project owner was executive manager within French
companies for 24 years and the other one is specialized in
Madagascar network.
The project:

  • Development of an area of 4000 ha of arable land in the
    south of Madagascar (Ihosy area) by planting jatropha
  • The jatropha oil can be used for cooking by households
    and thus limit deforestation
  • The projects will involve the purchase equipments
  • The project will create employment for up to 800 people
    and respond to the needs of clients already identified.
    Expected cumulated margin from year 4 over 2 years: USD
  • Total investment: 7,450,000 USD, including:
  • Equipments: 1,600,000 USD;
  • Working capital: 5,850,000 USD
Project Number MGA-003
Project Intention Modernization/Diversification
Company’s Input
  • USD 1,600,000
  • Financial resources, access to natural resources, management
    expertise, and R&D
Type of Cooperation Sought Commercial, production, financial
Anticipated Partners’ Input
  • Commercial Partner : Distribution (Buyer) / Equipement
  • Production Partner : Sub-contracting
  • Financial Partner : USD 5,850,000 (loan or equity)
Contact Economic Development Board of Madagascar