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Greenhouse and Vegetable Market

Project Description
  • The development of 3 vegetable farms in each of the Comoros Union Islands. Considers establishing at least 25 greenhouses producing tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce
  • Each farm should include a vegetable market with 50 outlets
Value Proposition
  • A discounted cash flow analysis was used which provided an unleveraged IRR of 29.8% (100% equity financing) with a payback period of 3.6 years, and a leveraged IRR of 42.4% (50% equity financing and 50% debt financing) with payback period of 2.7 years
  • Comoros agriculture sector has been constantly growing at an average growth rate of 3% per year
  • The expected increase in tourism and investments in the country will increase demand for variety of vegetables and produce by foreign visitors, expats as well as locals The moderate Comoros climate is ideal for growing plantations. The high level of rainfall makes water abundant and inexpensive
  • Most farm work is still manual and production techniques are for the most part still not capital intensive. This form of production is reflected in poor yields, below the potential of the plants and soil available. With abundant and cheap labour force, greenhouse plantation offers important opportunities for high margin profit

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