Flower Park

Project Description
  • A 200 ha land has been identified in the Eastern Province for the development of a flower park
  • The zone is close to a lake, on intermediate altitude
  • GoR intends to follow the example of Ethiopia which is generating +$250M annually through its flower industry
  • A local company called Rwanda Roses LTD has already completed a feasibility study and a business plan to start a 50 ha rose farm in the park
  • The project is expected to produce over 95 million stems every year starting with 60 million stems per year in Phase I
  • Production will be under green, computerized irrigation, with fertilizer and pesticide application. These high production techniques will ensure that 95% of the products are of export quality
Expected Results Development of a 200 ha flower park including costs related to:
  • Land expropriation
    • Studies (social study, environmental impact assessment, specific feasibility study)
    • Topographic and architectural design
    • Infrastructure
  • The project will provide employment opportunity for 1500 people in and around the project area, contribute revenue to the government in the form of taxes as well as bring in more foreign exchange currency to the country
  • The project is adopting a new technology for the flower industry of Rwanda to produce cut rose flowers which could serve as a model for the whole country and the region
  • The development of a flower park is expected to attract cargo flights into the country hence lowering air flight costs. This will in turn attract more investors into horticulture industry supporting value addition to fruits and vegetables for export
Expected Cost €14 million/ USD 21 million
  • Phase I: € 9 million/ USD 13.5 million
  • Phase II: € 5 million/ USD 7.5 million
Actions Required or Implementation Arrangements Public Private Partnership
  • The project is expected to generate and sell over 95 million stems annually both through auction (80%) and direct sales (20%). The Dutch auction which alone sells between 3.3 – 4 billion roses per year will be targeted
  • The expected net farm return price is € 0.10 with total revenues of € 9.5 million
Contact Rwanda Development Board
Clare Akamanzi
Chief Operations Officer
Tel : +250 78830 1661
Email : clare.akamanzi@rdb.rw