Investment opportunities

Extension of the cultivation of Geranium Bourbon, distillation and export

Company’s Nature of Business Distillation of aromatic and medical plants
Market National
The company is active since 2003 in the cultivation, distillation and extraction of geranium essential oils. It is currently cultivating 2ha in the Antsirabe area.
The project aims at extending the organic cultivation of geranium on 25 ha in order to produce 3 645 kg of essential oils at the end of year 3 with a turnover of USD 820,125.
The project will be implemented as follows: 1-Nov 2010, extension over 10ha
2-Nov 2011, extension over 15ha, (during the rainy season)
Project Number MGA-014
Project Intention Modernization/Diversification
Company’s Input
  • 60,000 USD
  • Technical expertise, Plantation (2 ha)
  • Favorable location
Type of Cooperation Sought Financial, Commercial
Anticipated Partners’ Input
  • Financial Partner : 101,675 USD (equity)
  • Commercial Partner : Distribution
Contact Economic Development Board of Madagascar