Investment opportunities

Extension of the cultivation and essential oils’ extraction of aromatic and medicinal plants

Company’s Nature of Business Growing of camphor (ravintsara), geranium and essentail oils extraction
Market Local
The project owner is a professional entity supported by the local community with special links with farmers in charge of raw material sourcing.
The project:
  • Increase the use of land to 4 ha per year, to grow geranium, camphor (ravintsara), citronnelle and other aromatic plants, with the farmers under contract farming system
  • Increase progressively the production of oil
  • Contribute to the protection of the environment with a target to get a green label
Total investment: 96,487 USD:
  • 39,105 USD for equipments
  • 21,782 USD for working capital
Expected cumulated margin in 3 years : USD 527,884
Project Number MGA-088
Project Intention Expansion/Diversification
Company’s Input
  • USD 35,600
  • Access to natural resources, technical and management expertise, access to local market, financial. resources
Type of Cooperation Sought Financial and technical
Anticipated Partners’ Input
  • USD 60,887 (Loan over 5 years or equity)
  • Purchase of equipment
Contact Economic Development Board of Madagascar