Investment opportunities

Extension of a catering unit into a hotel Madagascar complex

Company’s Nature of Business
  • Restaurant (Pizzeria, Catering), Pastry, Entertainment
  • Local
  • Since 2006 till today, the project owner is running a restaurant (30 pax), a pizzeria, and a catering service, with a pastryin a touristic region.
  • The project aim at an extension of activities (restauration - pizzeria - service traiteur - pâtisserie) by creating a new hotel (on the RN1 at 85km of the capital city to the middle west) including 13 rooms, restaurant with 80 , a shop, a reception room for 250 pax, a pool, a game place and a barber shop. The building is under construction at the time being.
  • Expected cumulated margin in 5 years: 225,000 USD
Project Number MGA-055
Project Intention Modernization/ diversification
Company’s Input USD 73,365
Type of Cooperation Sought Financial and technical
Anticipated Partners’ Input
  • Financial partner: USD 56,380 (loan)
  • Technological partner: marketing expertise, equipment purchase
Contact Economic Development Board of Madagascar