Investment opportunities

Extending the offers in ToIP for Malagasy-based companies

Company’s Nature of Business Webmarketing, Website 2.0, Opensource Software (CMS, CRM, toIP, etc.), certified training (Cisco, Linux, Microsoft)
Market France
The project consists in a partnership with a company having a full offer in Text over IP, preferably on opensource basis (Asterisk). The opportunity comes from the potential offered by the opening of the 2 fibre optics (Lion Orange 11/2009 and Eassy Telma 06/2010)
What makes the project different are :
  • Experience in installation of ToIP products
  • Experience in Asterisk software
  • Market awareness with its technical constraints
  • Additional products with a ToIP buttons right for click on the customer’s website; ToIP coupled with CRM
Advantages : Since October 2009, the Lion cable (SAFE/SAT-3/WASC: debit of 1.3 terabits per second) connects Madagascar with the world.
The market of call centers is about to highly increase and currently. Our company is able to built and entertain call centers platforms
Project Number MGA-110
Project Intention Diversification
Company’s Input
  • Technical and Expertise in the Sector of ToIP in Madagascar
  • Financial input: 120,000 USD
Type of Cooperation Sought Financial, Technical
Anticipated Partners’ Input
  • ToIP/VoIP ready solution for professionals with a call center option
  • Customer portfolio for the Indian Ocean Market Financial Partner: USD 45,000 (loan)
Contact Economic Development Board of Madagascar