Investment opportunities

Export of essential oils of marigold, camphor (ravintsara) and vetiver

Company’s Nature of Business Tagete distillation to essential oils; Growing of camphor (ravint-sara)
Market National
The company is specialized in tagete essential oil distillation since1999; It has leaded technical training and management of several works in favour of distillation companies in different regions of Madagascar. Its ten years production was marketed to a local exporter.
The project:
  • Looking for commercial partnership
  • The target is to increase the tagète production by developing new 20 ha of land and redirect the production to export market
  • Developing new product by growing and starting distillation of new aromatic plants
Ravintsara (cinnamomum camphora) : the company owns already 21.5 ha of land with 3800 plants from 2013. The company is looking for a partner to develop extra 20 ha of land.
Vétiver (vetiveria zizanoïdes): the market for this production is still interesting. The company intends to develop 10 ha of this aromatic plant. The growing of vetiver is easy and results can be got in 18 / 20 months. The seed sourcing is already organized.
The project wil provide in year 3 some 800 kg tagete oil, 570 kg ravintsara, 350 kg vétiver; with expecting turnover of USD 303 000 per year.
Project Number MGA-072
Project Intention Modernization/Diversification/Expansion
Company’s Input
  • USD 202,000
  • Access to natural resources, technical and management expertise
Type of Cooperation Sought Financial, Commercial
Anticipated Partners’ Input
  • Financial partner : 202,000 USD (equity)
  • Commercial partner : Distribution
Contact Economic Development Board of Madagascar