Investment opportunities

Expansion of the company LS Textile

Company’s Nature of Business Confection of working clothes and scholar uniforms

The project owner was trained at a professional Centre for
dress making and became a professional entrepreneur. The
activity was working cloth-oriented due to orders from companies
just received at the end of her training.

The project aim is :

  • To improve its productivity
  • to strengthen its market position
  • To double even dribble the production of coveralls and
    aprons to acquire 50 machines of indu “brother” mark,
    1 washing machine, 40 buttonhole, 1 cutting- machines,
    and 40 “surjeteuses” finishing and 26 professional ironing
This extension will enable the company to generate a cumulated
net income value of USD 252,857 over 03 years
Project Number MGA-095
Project Intention Expansion and Modernization
Company’s Input
  • USD 1,000
  • Labor workers, Access to raw materials, management,
    innova-tion (creates its own model).
Type of Cooperation Sought Financial, Production, Technical, Commercial
Anticipated Partners’ Input
  • Financial Partner: USD 253,409 (loan over 05 years) or
    equity commercial partner;
  • Technical Partner: equipment purchase
  • Production: subcontractor.
Contact Economic Development Board of Madagascar