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Development of Commercial Marinas in Mauritius

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Development of Commercial Marinas in Mauritius

Project description

In the National Budget 2012, the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development, the Hon. Xavier Luc-Duval announced the launching of the marina industry as a new economic sector for Mauritius.

The time is right for Mauritius to further diversify its tourism offerings with new product, sailing tourism, in the context of a marina industry. Strategically located within the Indian Ocean and having a beautiful coastline, a number of small islands near the shore as well as other islands further away (Rodrigues, Agalega & St Brandon), the country enjoys an expanding tourist and luxury real estate industry, a buoyant hotel industry and a sizeable number of boats.

A marina industry would boost the value add of the existing offering to tourists, investors, luxury real state buyers including IRS/RES villa holders and the local people. The existence of world-class marina for both local use and nautical tourism in Seychelles, Madagascar, Reunion and South-Africa supports the business case for a marina industry in Mauritius.

Mauritius offers thrilling opportunities for marina development such as small marinas integrated with IRS projects, marinas in main touristic locations and marina development with hinterland mixed-use projects.

Expected Results

The creation of a marina industry in Mauritius that would position Mauritius on the map of nautical tourism, upgrade the marine infrastructure of the country, generate jobs and broaden the base of leisure activities in Mauritius.

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Actions Required or Implementation

Devise a regulatory framework for the development and operation of marinas in Mauritius; identify suitable sites for marina development, and the organisation of an International marina conference to gather interest from local and international investors for the development of Marina in Mauritius.


Bring together local land owners and investors, international promoters and developers, professionals as well as public sector decision makers in order to kick-start the industry development.

Period of Implementation

July 2012




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