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Development of Animal Wealth and Fisheries Sector in Sugar Production Areas (meat production)

Project Site Kenana Sugar project – Sennar sugar project, Halfa sugar project, Algineid sugar project, White Nile sugar project, Assalaya sugar project
Project Implementation Period It takes three years to be implemented in the six proposed areas.
  • Investment in meat production
  • To make use of sugar projects in provision of feeds
  • To reduce production cost
  • Fattening of Baggara cattle
Technical Aspects of Animal Production
  • The fattening project lasts throughout the year, every two months for each rotation
  • Number of cows in each rotation is 1050 and the number at the end of the year is 150 heads
  • Slaughtering is done in batches, 350 heads every 3-4 weeks
  • Cows should be from Baggara cattle
  • Initial weight 220 kilograms, fattening period: 60 days
  • Average weight increases I kilogram per day
  • Death rate: 1%
Project Components
  • Bulls are brought from markets at Kosti, Obeid or Almiweilih or west Omdurman
  • Bulls are vaccinated against epidemic diseases upon arrival
  • Bulls are gathered every 100 in one ranch: 20x20 meters with a shading
  • Water is provided by a tank with 50 cubic meters capacity which is sufficient for 1000 heads for more than two days
  • Ranches and attachments
  • Transport means
  • Slaughter house
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Animal production inputs
  • Buildings and installations
Proposed Financing Partnerships
Total Cost According to Feasibility Study USD 30 million
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