Investment opportunities

Development of an essential oils’ extraction unit

Company’s Nature of Business Extraction d’huiles essentielles
    The project owner has a professional background as a manager
    of a construction company. He wants to diversify his
    activities by entering the subsector of essential oil extraction.
    He owns 4ha of land
    The project aims at setting up an extraction unit for essential
    oil of geranium, camphor (ravintsara) and olive, with a production
    capac-ity of 1,594 liters per year.
    In particular, the owner seeks the purchase/ set-up following
  • Distillation alembic
  • Purifier
  • Tester
  • Bottling unit
Project Number MGA-010
Project Intention Expansion
Company’s Input
  • USD 28,125
  • Access to raw material, land, financial contribution
Type of Cooperation Sought Financial
Anticipated Partners’ Input USD 84,375 (loan)
Contact Economic Development Board of Madagascar