Investment opportunities

Development of a unit to process medical plants into pharmaceutical products

Company’s Nature of Business Production of medicinal and aromatic plants


The project owner is a pharmacist with at his disposal a lab
for medicinal plants processing. The raw materials come
from the federation members PIPAM, located in Fianarantsoa

The project aims at extending the production capacity of
medicinal plants, for several purposes:

  • sales of medicinal plants
  • Supply raw materials for the FiAroTeNa lab which is
    expecting to distill alcohol and essential oils
  • Processing the plants in several types of medicinal
    products: tea, syrup, cream, ointment, dying products,
    cosmetics, etc.
Project Number MGA-098
Project Intention Expansion
Company’s Input
    Access to resources, availability of land
Type of Cooperation Sought Financial, commercial
Anticipated Partners’ Input
  • Financial partner : USD 312,066 (loan)
  • Technical partner : transfer of new technology, purchase
    of equipment.
Contact Economic Development Board of Madagascar