Investment opportunities


  • The only cement factory in Rwanda, with a current production of
    100,000 tons per year
  • In order to increase its domestic and regional market share, Cimerwa
  • is investing in a new plant with a capacity of 600,000 tons per year;
  • This will streamline the production from wet process to dry process
    and increase the use of peat to replace Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) in order
    to reduce operating costs
  • Project Size: New plant: 600,000 tons of cement per year with an
    investment amount of USD 80 million.
Expected Cost USD 80 million
Expected Cost Equity

Proposed Structure

  • Equity: 50%
  • CIMERWA: 80%
  • Strategic Partner: 20%
  • Debt: 50%
Expected Cost New plant: USD 80 million -> CIMERWA is looking for strategic investors to
bring in equity USD 20 million and assist in mobilizing the debt.
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Chief Operations Officer
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