Investment opportunities

Bengamisa Cocoa Plantation

Sub-Sector Cotton production
Project Description This project is located in the country’s Province Orientale, in the District
of Tshopo, Banalia Territory, in the Bengamisa area. The aim of the
project is to partially rehabilitate the cocoa processing plant, as well as
to bring into production – and maintain – 400 hectares of cocoa.
Expected Results Production and commercialisation of 240,000 kg of cocoa.
Total Amount of
USD 1,123,020
Period of Implementation Immediately
Status Public Private Partnership

Secrétariat Général à l’Agriculture
Direction de l’Administration Générale des Projets
Croisement des Avenues Blvd. du 30 Juin – Avenue Batetela
Kinshasa – Gombe
Democratic Republic of the Congo

National Agency for Investment Promotion (ANAPI)