Investment opportunities

Alsobolouga Falls Resort

Site About 50 kilometres north of Khartoum state on the road which links Khartoum State with River Nile State
Climate Desert climate where rainfall is between 0-100mm – temperature between 29º-42º and the highest temperature between June-July reaches 47 and the lowest temperature reaches 8º between January
Advantages of the Area
  • Proximity to the capital where services needed by tourists are available
  • The resort is 7 kilometres off the main road
  • To revitalize tourism in the area
  • To reactivate the area economically and socially
  • To establish a tourist area that links Khartoum with the archaeological area
  • The rest house has 50 rooms with electricity, water and sewerages services
  • Tourists’ resort that includes restaurants, cafeterias, telecommunications, rowing clubs, and river ferries for picnics from Khartoum to Alsobolouga
  • Chalets, offices, pitches and shopping centres
  • Medium and large boats and deluxe buses
  • Places for showing popular arts, artefacts and a ballroom for parties
Cost €5 million including land value which is freehold
Project Revenue
  • Starts from the second year
  • The second year 20%
  • The third year 25%
  • The fourth year 30%
Contact Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife – Projects’ Department
Tel :+249 83471417
Fax :+249 83472854
Remarks The country with its vast natural resources, reasonable infrastructure and marked political stability has promulgated an investment legislation that offers a number of privileges and incentives. The business profit tax was reduced from 35% to 15% on the services sector, 10% on the industrial sector and 0% on the agricultural sector.
In addition, these rather low rates are applied after one-year of the inception of the project. By allowing investors to freely repatriate their profits and import of capital goods free of custom duties, Sudan stands as an investment haven.