Investment opportunities

Aldindir Tourist Camp Project

Climate Rainy season starts late in June and lasts to late October. It is the season when herds of wildlife are abundant. The season of tourism extends to winter, November to April
Site It is located in the South-eastern part of central state and extends up to border with Ethiopia
Area Dinder park area is 10,000 sq. kilometres. It is the biggest natural reserve north of the Equator
  • To provide a suitable environment for tourism, entertainment and study of natural history
  • To encourage park tourism and photography
  • To provide a permanent integrated camp equipped with all kinds of tourism services
  • To realize economic development in the area by promoting tourism and establishing small rural projects
  • To employ a sizeable number of locals
  • To conserve natural environment by regulating the entry and exit of tourists and preventing locals from damaging the environment
The Project
  • To construct 250 kilometres of asphalted roads
  • Small airstrip for planes
  • 12 service points inside the park which include electricity, drinking water and sewerage services
  • Tourists’ camp
Projected Cost of Infrastructure € 7 million
Contact Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife – Projects’ Department
Tel :+249 83471417
Fax :+249 83472854
Remarks The country with its vast natural resources, reasonable infrastructure and marked political stability has promulgated an investment legislation that offers a number of privileges and incentives. The business profit tax was reduced from 35% to 15% on the services sector, 10% on the industrial sector and 0% on the agricultural sector.
In addition, these rather low rates are applied after one-year of the inception of the project. By allowing investors to freely repatriate their profits and import of capital goods free of custom duties, Sudan stands as an investment haven.