Sudan plans to export 6m head of cattle in 2016

Sudan announced a plan to export more than 6 Million head of cattle in 2016 to pocket $1 billion, the Sudanese ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Pastures said in a report released on Tuesday that it plans to export 6.3 million heads of cattle in 2016 and expected the total revenue to reach more than $1 billion.The plan, which falls within the (2015 -2019) program of economic reform and the (2012-2016) second fifth plan of the animal wealth sector, aims to increase the livestock production and productivity to increase the exports and substitute for the imports.

”In its 2016 plan, the ministry would export 6,353,619 heads of cows, sheep, goats and camels besides 32,405 tons of meat” the ”The revenue from the cattle exports would reach $903,673,000 million while the meat exports are expected to yield $155,447,775 besides $19,775,432 from the leather exports” the report explained.

Earlier this month, the Sudanese government said it would export 1,8 million heads of cattle to Saudi Arabia in 2016, pointing that 300,000 sheep have been exported to the Kingdom between January and April of this year.

The ministry’s plan expects that the total revenue from the export of cattle, meat and leather would reach $1,078,895,207.

Sudan’s animal wealth is Africa’s second largest. The national herd is estimated around 140 million heads of cattle.