Online Agro market launched

Government has pledged to support efforts aimed at promoting the growth of Electronic commerce especially among Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) in the country.

Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry (MCTI) Permanent Secretary Kayula Siame said in order to achieve this, the government has already started creating strategies targeted at enhancing competitive e-commerce among SMEs.

Mrs Siame said the use of advanced technology in marketing is vital, in growing the business market as it brings together the buyer and the seller.

Speaking in a speech read on her behalf by MCTI Chief Economist Margaret Chikuba, during the official launch of “Just fresh food farms”, an online Agro market platform in Lusaka today, Mrs Siame expressed hope that the establishment of an online agro market will contribute positively to the development of the agriculture sector.

She added that this will also help market Zambia on the international market, thereby increasing its agriculture trade access across the globe.

The PS further noted that e-commerce application will further contribute towards employment creation as well as promote financial inclusion, while promoting the use of mobile, and electronic wallet, among others.

And Just Fresh Food Farms founder Twaambo Chuula explained that the desire to develop the app was derived from the various challenges that farmers face in securing a readily available market for their produce.

Mr Chuula noted that the platform is aimed at complementing the traditional marketing way of many farmers, by creating an opportunity for farmers and consumers to meet and be abler to buy assorted farm produce online.

He added that the app is also designed in such a way that it will connect farmers and buyers across the borders, who wish to sell and buy various fresh farm produce using the web and mobile communication.