COMESA RIA thanks Sisi for hosting 'Africa 2018'

Heba Salama, CEO of COMESA Regional Investment Agency, thanked President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi for hosting the "Africa 2018" Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh on December 8 and 9. 

COMESA stands for the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa. 

Salama told MENA on Monday that the Africa 2018 Forum will discuss crucial issues regarding the future of the African continent, adding that the forum presents Egypt as a strategic gateway to Africa, while the continent is witnessing major developments. 

She said that the forum, which includes many African leaders, will bring together Africa's best people in entrepreneurship and will help them engage with business leaders and government officials to discuss issues that are fundamental and crucial to the lives of Africans. 

The forum will discuss critical issues in the future of Cairo and its development, including energy, trade, financial system, investments within Africa, logistics and infrastructure, tourism and creative industries in the continent, besides global investment partnerships and cooperation with the international community, Salama said. 

She explained that the forum will devote a day to young entrepreneurs in the African continent, and another day for women empowerment in Africa and the enhancement of women's role in development. 

The COMESA official also stressed the utmost confidence in the potential of Africa and the ability of Africans to turn this potential into real opportunities that are applied on the ground.